MyCenturaHealth is an online login portal for patients. Patients can easily view their records here and have secure, personalized online access to portions of their medical records.

With your electronic health record, you can review your health exam, request doctor appointments, communicate securely and electronically with your healthcare team, and much more.

Here are some frequently asked questions about MyCenturaHealth login portal. I hope you can get the help from these answers. Go through the FAQs and you might get the answer to your question.

MyCenturaHealth FAQs

How does the login work?

Patients who wish to participate during the clinic visit will receive a MyCenturaHealth activation code. By entering this code, you can login and create a username and password for yourself. Your doctor’s office can give you an activation code if you haven’t received one, or you can sign up for your next clinic appointment if you haven’t received one.

What happened when I logged out of my account?

We strive to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. The portal session is automatically disconnected if the keyboard is inactive for 15 minutes or more during the connection. If you do not need to be in front of your computer for a short or long time, we recommend that you exit the portal.

How soon will I get a response from my doctor or nurse when I send a message?

You will generally receive a response within 1-3 business days. You are not authorized to use the portal for urgent situations. If you need immediate help, you should call the medical center or 911 in an emergency.

Can I share a MyCenturaHealth account with my spouse?

Due to the nature of medical information, each adult must request and create their own account.

Can my account answer questions about my family members?

Your personal data sheet is available on the portal and is directly connected to someone else’s data sheet. Incorrect information would appear in the medical record, which could affect patient care.